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“The problem with modernism is that we actually believe, naively and arrogantly, that we can in some way hold any concept and grasp it — and if we cannot, they it is absurd and impossible and therefore nonexistent.”
― Tobin Wilson


Not Random Art – Contemporary Art Review is pleased to announce ongoing open call for the international issues, which aim at supporting the creative development of a new generation of authors working with new media, painting, experimental dance, performance and more. Our objective is to present the selection of works which will show polyedric and many sided-ness nature of identity in post-modern times.
Both emerging and established artists are welcome to apply with works in any medium.
Artists’ works and projects will be selected through an international open call for proposals and exhibitions.

The selection will be proceeded by our editorial board and will cover worldwide productions and various formats and media.

Each of the participating persons or teams may submit one of more works which can be realized by different techniques.All kinds of art are welcomed to participate to the selection. There is no limitation in terms of topics and techniques, but we will really appreciate if you could keep in line with the guiding categories:

– Painting
– Fine Art Photography
– Mixed media
– Video art
– Performance
– Body Art
– Installations
– Sculpture
– Audio

We also welcome particular performances and works from other disciplines usually not included in art festivals, as

– Experimental Dance
– Public Art & Interventions

We are looking for artworks with refined multidisciplinary approaches, that give life to an incessant process of re-contextualization, provides the viewers of an extension of the basic human perception, in order to manipulate it, releasing it from its most primordial, limbic parameters.
Overtly playing with the unheimlich nature of gestural movements and sound, as well as traditional brushstrokes and photography, we seek for pieces that reveal the multi-identities tendency to exist in continuum, residing somewhere in our collective memory.
There are no entry fees for submissions:(only selected artists will be asked for a small contribution in order to support the independence of our project).

If you have any questions, please contact our team directly via e-mail:

This is Not Random Art

Not random art. - The contemporary art review was created to present contemporary emerging artist; restless dreamers, who - both individually and collectively, explore themes inextricably linked to modern society most significant issues. Journeys, displacement, loss, memory and identity, evoking powerful and sometimes unexpected juxtapositions and responses – these will be our central points of interest.